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Sriya Rao is a wellness consultant, holistic health therapist and breathwork + meditation coach from India. She started her therapeutic journey as a Psychologist and soon ventured into holistic modalities seeking an integration of body and mind while enhancing vitality and reconnecting to inner resources. In 2016 Sriya completed a 2 year Masters in Yogic Science and began a small start-up of personalized yogic practice for adults, children and groups in Bangalore. In 2018 she graduated as a BCST therapist with Body Intelligence and practised as a travelling therapist in Vietnam, UAE and India finally moving to Torino, Italy in 2019 where she is currently grateful to share her practise with people from all walks of life. Sriya is passionate about integrating the ancient wisdom of eastern spirituality with the modern science of western therapies.


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Wellness & Vitality with Sriya Rao Wellness

"Cullati dalla musica e dai tocchi delicati di Sriya, la mente si libera da ogni pensiero ed il corpo sprofonda in uno stato di totale serenità, pace e leggerezza... per chi ha bisogno di “staccare la spina” restando in città, per chi ha piacere di ritrovarsi con se stesso e’ un’esperienza di cui non potrai fare a meno!"
— Alessia Starnone, Italy
"Sriya is very warm and articulate with a wealth of knowledge and a genuine passion to teach Reflexology.
She ensured each student got her full attention and makes the workshop fun & interactive. By the end of the training you are fully equipped to practice and heal yourself and others"

— Sunita D'Souza, UAE
"Sriya is a wonderful healer, very well versed in cranio sacral therapy, good at reflexology and acupressure too. She is an amazing yoga teacher. Her posture and stretches are mind blowing. Would highly recommend her, a holistic solution to everything."
— Divya Amu, India
"Wonderful Yoga teacher. Sriya teach wonderful yoga for body and soul. I felt meditative and healed after every session of the yoga course with her!
We had amazing experiences with her Craniosacral Therapy, a lot of problems were solved."
— Ngoc Tran, Vietnam